Daniela Merlo


Daniela Merlo

Born in Naples, Italy. She studies classic ballet in the Scala de Milano school and the Cosi-Stefanescu school in Reggio Emilia, where she is also formed in folklore and dance history. 

She discovers contemporary dance in Brussels, first in Maurice Bejart's MUDRA and later in the Ballet Contemporain de Bruxelles school, directed by Karmen Larumbe, where she learns the Graham and Limón techniques, as well as Larumbe's own techiniques, besides improvisation, coreographic composition and music. 

She works as a professional dancer and Karmen's right hand until her death in 1995. One year later, Juan de Torres and Daniela found today's LARUMBE DANZA - Coslada's Resident Company. 

Since her premiere as choreographer in 2001 she has created eight productions, including collaborations with various artists such as Cesc Gelabert, Sol Picó or Teresa Nieto, besides making several on-demand pieces for different institutions such as SGAE. Her style is influenced by the universal techniques in which she was formed, but she brakes them as part of an up-to-date and extremely personal evolution, in constant claim for the instinct, the origins and the sense of movement. 

Daniela Merlo, together with Juan de Torres, collaborate since the year 2000 with choreographers and scene directors such as Hugo de Ana, Sergio Renán, Bernand Broca and Henning Brockhaus in the making of opera productions at a national and international level. 

At an academic level she created and coordinates the pedagogical and social programs, and the school campaigns that Larumbe carries on as part of the resident company activities, collaborating in such with Caja Madrid's Obra Social department. She has tought classic ballet and contemporary dance, and worked as an assistant choreographer in the Ballet Contemporain de Bruxelles, and has given classes on body technique in the Royal Superior School of Singing and the Madrid Superior Conservatory of Music. Furthermore, she has been an invited contemporary dance and coreographic research professor in several national and international institutions such as the Carlos III University of Leganés, the DAMS University of Rome, or the Performing Arts Academy (HAMU) of Prague.