The Company

La Compañía


Is the last name of Karmen (1936 - 1995), the choreographer from Navarra, Spain, that founded the company more than 30 years ago. She started her career in an adoptive country: Argentina, moving later on to Brussels, where she stayed for 20 years, and then moving again to Madrid, where she spent her last years. 

In 1996, her son, Juan de Torres, and Daniela Merlo, took over the company, getting support from the Spanish Ministry of Culture through the National Institute for the Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) and the Madrid County Culture and Tourism Council. 


The rather peculiar style of Larumbe had its origins in the eclectic formation given by Karmen Larumbe to her artistic heirs and current directors of the company, based at equal proportions on the European avantgarde and the Spanish and Argentinian folklore, and reinforced with a strong technical training based on American modern dance. 

The company's language is, therefore, extremely personal, creative and in constant change through research, surrendering only to its own values and principles, hiding from "choreographic sequences," but devoted to the laws of life and the ideas of the 21st century. 





Larumbe Dance is a reliable enterprise that generates industry, because it believes in culture and promotes it in all its aspects. 

Larumbe creates and acts, but also works for, and promotes the dance sector through activities that range from exchanges with other companies and choreographers, national and international conferences and debates, to the creation of festivals and cultural events, of which one should highlight the international traveling festival "Spain Dances In..." (known before as "Madrid dances in...." that evolved at the national level), an event created to export dance companies from Spain to all over the world, having the previous editions in Prague (2006), Rome (2007), Warsaw (2008), Buenos Aires (2009), Lisbon (2010), Budapest (2011), Recife (2012), Mexico (2013) and Tokyo (2014).


On the other hand, the company believes its work to be unlimited and, therefore, it disseminates its devotion to dance among all kinds of public by carrying on constant campaigns at elementary schools, colleges and high schools, in which it makes workshops and organizes encounters focused on instructing and capturing young public.




Since 2002, Larumbe Danza is one of the members of an artistic residence program promoted and cofinanced by the Madrid County Employment, Tourism and Culture Council, with the support of our host, the Town Hall of Coslada through the Culture Department.