Juan Manuel Ramírez

Born in Venezuela, he graduates as civil engineer from the University of Zulia, in 2001. Later on his life takes a 180 degree turn when he moves to Spain and starts studying movement and dance in several schools such as Karen Taft, Estudio 3 and Estudio Carmen Senra, specially the latter, in which he takes the regular dance studies plan starting in 2002. 

In the year 2004 he begins studies at the Royal Dance Conservatory for Medium Level Education, as well as he goes through the regular study plan of Nicolás Rambaud, director of the Megaló Teatro Móvil company. Starting in 2007 and up to the present day he is studying at the María de Ávila Royal Professional Dance Conservatory. 

On the other hand, between 2006 and 2007 he worked as a professional dancer in the company 10y10 Danza, directed by Mónica Runde, touring with the pieces “L q n vs n exst” y “Hasta Mañana,” and with Megaló Teatro in the pieces “Lo que me sale del Tacón”, “Hasta la Última Gota” and “5 Piezas para tomar Café.” 

In 2008 he is included in “El Laboratorio del Dr. Fausto”, directed by Alejandra Panzavolta, produced by the Teatro Real, and in “Música Clásica”, directed by Natalia Méndez, and produced by Teatro de la Zarzuela. 

At the same time, he coproduces and creates his own pieces, such as “Improvisando: Arte”, “5 Minutos Más”, or “En un Instante Vivo”, and the solos “De la Carne y…” y “Un Suicidio.” Also, he teaches introduction and creation of movement in places like La Danzatería, in Vitoria, and El Horno, in Madrid, among others. 

In 2009 he becomes a member of Larumbe Danza, participating in its pieces “Blue or the Rhythm of Life,” “Beg Your Pardon” and “More or Less One Day.”