Sara Mogarra

Sara Mogarra

At eight years of age she beggins studying Classic Ballet in the Victor Ullate school in Madrid, where she stays nine years. In 2000 she decides to start contemporary dance studies at the Estudio Carmen Senra, where she learns the Graham, Limón, Release and Contact techniques. 

At the same time, she studies coreographic composition at the Altea University, with Robert Poole and Laura Marini, and takes voice clases with Pablo Pérez Seoane, besides taking different classes in several Spanish dance companies, such as Cobos-Mika (Barcelona), 10y10 (Madrid), Provisional Danza (Madrid) and Madrépora (Jaén). 

Also, she teaches contemporary dance in renowned dance centres such as the Estudio Carmen Senra and the Estudio Carmen Roche (Madrid) and classic ballet in Toledo, and has participated in dance awareness workshops in Spain as well as in the European Community. 

As a professional dancer she has been a member of the La Ligne Folle company, directed by Madelyne Reant (Aurillac, France); Losdedae company, directed by Chevi Muraday (Madrid); Trasdanza (Madrid); and Larumbe Danza, with which she dances at present in all of its active productions including their latest premiere; and has participated in opera productions and currently collaborates with different groups such as Laboratorio C, Columbus Danza, Na Beira Rua and others, as well as with emerging contemporary dancers such as Daniel Abreu.