Verónica Garzón

Verónica Garzón

She began studying Spanish Dance in the Mariemma Royal Professional Dance Conservatory (Madrid), getting a degree in the year 1997. Afterwards, she continued her studies on contemporary dance in the same school, obtaining a degree in 2006. 

She then studied other dance techniques such as classic ballet, jazz, Graham, Limón, Horton, Cunningham, Release and Contact Improvisation. It should be highlighted that she also studied Butoh technique with several teachers such as Yumiko Yoshioka, Yuko Kaseki, Minako Seki, Wendell Wells, Dakei, and Hisako Horikawa. Thanks to her expertise and control of this technique, she was able to develop different projects in Germany and Spain performing as a coreographer and dancer. 

She has worked for several companies and groups such as SYBAA ('En Busca de la Danza Perdida.' Coreographer: Elia Lozano) and Larumbe Danza ('Con Permiso.' Coreographer: Daniela Merlo). As of 2007 she starts collaborating with Grupo Oito in Berlin as a dancer and creator ('Body in Pieces' and 'Washing Line Game'). 

In regard to coreography she has created pieces for the Columbus Danza company: 'Far is Not Enough' (2008) and 'Ayer y Hoy' (2006), this last awarded with the 2nd Coreography Prize of the 4th Galicia Coreographic Creation Contest (Santiago de Composetela). 

In the Cuarta Pared theatre she presented the 'Inicio' duet (2005-Madrid), and in the Casa Encendida the 'Nadie Vino por Mi' solo (2006-Madrid). She collaborated in the 'Sacra' play (2008, Festival 2 Abrazos, Santiago de Compostela) creating a solo based on the Butoh technique. 

At present time she continues studying in Madrid and Berlin, focused on other techinques such as Performance, Multi-discipline Live Art Performance, Klein and Physical Theatre. Besides those activities she is studying in the María de Ávila Superior Dance Conservatory, specializing on Contemporary Dance Coreography and Performing Techniques.