Great celebration for the International Day of Dance in Coslada

On the occasion of the International Day of Dance, we will carry out various activities during this week, starting with Zawirowania Company from Warsaw will present the show "Chopin Ambiente" co-produced with Larumbe Dance, on April 24th at 20 hrs in the Theatre La Jaramilla.

That same day the company will offer a free workshop at 11hrs in the dance studio of the same Theatre for dance students who want to enrich their skills with members of the Polish company.

We continue our celebration with an Open House Day on the esplanade of Margarita Nelken Cultural Center to enjoy a preview of the new production of Larumbe Dance "The Seasons", its premiere will be in the month of June at the Theatre Fernán Gómez.

Then we will read the manifesto of UNESCO of the International Day of Dance, and finally, in order to all Coslada neighbors can learn about dance as an instrument of expression fun and close to us, we will conclude with a big group dance where every child, youth and adults who wish to join this great celebration that we call "Coslada Dance!".

Do not forget to register on our website to take one of the shirts we will be giving away that day ... Come on and dance with us!