Berta in the attic

The author of this choreography is Joaquín Abella, a young artist and director from Coslada who has already participated in many productions by the company as a dancer. This choice is based on one of the principles of LARUMBE Danza; which is to have a generation-based dialogue between the experiences of the company with new artists.

Berta en el Desván


What would happen if the children’s world lost its colours?

How would it affect their creativity and games?

How would it influence their character and natural way to move?

And above all…

What could we do if it was already happening?

Berta is a kid that discovers, in her attic, a mysterious, playful and colourful place that makes her imagination go wild! But in the nooks and crannies of this attic a colourless world is hidden… The characters that live there are very jealous of all these colours and try to steal them from Berta’s new world!

Fortunately, Berta meets a peculiar game partner and together they will try to solve the whole mystery…

Berta in the attic concerns the magical world of children and their ability to play with their imagination and fantasy, in contrast with the passive life that the consumer society tries to provoke us to lead.

The imagination and creativity of the children is symbolised in these colours and we are interested in how losing those colours would affect the children. The play deals with characters that live in a multicoloured world, and with the dancers on the stage interacting with evil (and virtual) characters that live in a black and white world.

The result is a choreography play with a narrative that children can easily understand: a danced tale that deals with the importance of the games and fantasy.


Artistic Direction, Coreography and Original concept: Joaquín Abella

Playwright Assistant: Daniela Merlo

Música: I. Caesar/V. Youmans, J. Bernard, Orquesta Piña, Rico, A. Piazzolla, M. Santamaría, P. Tchaikovsky, L.V. Beethoven, G. Doninzetti and popular Russian music.

Dancers on stage: Sara Morgarra, Joaquín Abella and Clarissa Castro

Virtual Characters: Daniela Merlo, Unai Torres, Clarissa Castro

Scenography and set design: David Salazar

Lighting design: Lía Alves

Design and multimedia: Sandra Wahlbeck

Photographs: Luís Agudo

Stage photographs: Pedro Arnay

Technicians: Lia Alves, Kike Rodriguez, Martín H. Kocka

Production and General Direction: Juan de Torres

Artistic Direction: Daniela Merlo

Promotion and Distribution: Lizbeth Pérez

Administration: Mámen Cáceres

Production Assistant: Bianca Góis and José González


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