Blue or the Rhythm of Life

Discovering what unites us with the World. LARUMBEdanza proposes Blue or the Rhythm of Life (Azul) as an invitation for human beings of every age, race and nationality to communicate with their own rhythm, a rhythm shared with the beat of life and the Universe.

Azul o el Ritmo de la Vida


LARUMBEdanza, through AZUL, narrates the usual processes of the Universe, Life and Human Beings. AZUL invites us to find our own answer to some questions: Which is the place of the Human Being? Which is our position in relation to the Universe? Is he aware of his own existance? And, therefore, why does he allow himself to change the rhythm of the Universe?

As a result of an intensive research conducted to bring us closer to its image, the Universe is represented by an intense and poetic play of lights, produced by giant, gleaming-spheres and leds, which are drawn in space through coreographic movement.

Life, au contraire, is born from movement and projections on long plastic pool covers that represent the sea.

The rhythm of life is expressed through a vigorous, playful, fresh and colorful coreography based on atrezzo and costumes, in which light (laser, fluorescent light, black light) and video projections share the leading roll with it. Music, included in a suggestive and eclectic soundtrack, mixes original material (especially made for AZUL) with classical, modern and contemporary pieces.

AZUL uses cinematographic language to tell its story because image is always present, but also because three out of the four scenes are inspired in well-known movies: 2001, Space Odyssey, Modern Times, and Matrix.


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