In my Endless Home

En mi Casa Infinita


Once upon a time there was a lonely girl, a new "Pippi Calzaslargas" that finds and lives in this particular house: a three-dimensional trapezoidal structure that set, defines and changes the space, a gaming tool which grows the seed of creativity and holds incredible surprises. Because there is nothing there, but everything is possible and anything can happen.


Thanks to the physical skills and ingenuity, the juggling choreography, with the help of different multimedia elements, special lighting and, of course, thanks to the powers of their own house, our protagonist slowly build from almost nothing her own fantasy world.


She naturally discovers a world that lives upside down, enjoying the endless combinations featuring gaps and berms. She will change in the blink of an eye the shapes and sizes, with the power of transformation, and will find in it new friends which play between reality and virtuality, making them real at the end.


Original Idea and Choreography: Daniela Merlo

Set Design: Juan de Torres

Dancers: Irene Rubio and Cesar Louzan

Set Elaboration: Marc Bartoló and Verteatro Proyectos

Music: Various

Ambience Design and Soundtrack: Fernando Navarro

Lighing Design: Lia Alves

Multimedia and Video: Jorge Barriuso

Costume: Carmen Bofarull

Photography: Pedro Arnay

Grafic Design: Son Ávalos

Administration: Mamen Cáceres

Management: Lizbeth Pérez

General Production: Juan de Torres


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