Jovatos´ Dreams

 “A Night of Dreams for the Middle-Aged…”


The term “JOVATO” is an expression derived from the jargon of the Buenos Aires tango scene, referring to a young person old in spirit, or an old person young in spirit. “Jovato” or “Jovata” can also refer to a middle-aged person who, depending on the eyes that behold, appears old or young.


Jovatos´ Dreams


This expression also encapsulates the feelings of the choreographers and directors of LARUMBEDanza, Juan de Torres and Daniela Merlo, in their most recent project together with guest actor Pepe Navío. Based on the assumption that they are jovatos, they unravel the complexes of such a state, and unveil their innermost feelings in this performance.


This revelation makes us reflect on the three-dimensional nature of human vision; it constantly compels us to ask ourselves how others perceive us, and how instinct makes us contemplate and judge others. It also makes us think about how difficult it is to contemplate and judge oneself, not to mention reflect on the very relativity of truth. 


In terms of genre, we prefer to leave it up to the good judgment of the spectator to categorise this performance. Suffice it to say that what can be expected from us is a choreographic conception where action, movement and text merge from the interaction between the dancers and the actor, the intervention of different virtual characters, as well as the direct involvement of the audience.


Idea, staging and Choreography:  Daniela Merlo / Juan de Torres

Dancers: Juan de Torres / Daniela Merlo

Actor: Pepe Navío

Original Music: Mauricio Corretjé

Additional Music: Patty Pravo, Lali Puna, Deaf Center, The Knife / Lulo Torres

Text: Gabriel Celaya / Fernando Alonso Baraona

Light Design: Lía Álves

Multimedia Creation: Jorge Barriuso

Wardrobe Design: Carmen Bofarull

Graphic Design: Juanma Contreras / Son Ávalos

Photography: Pedro Arnay

Assistant Producer: José González

Administration: Mamen Cáceres

Management: Lizbeth Pérez

Director and General Producer: Juan de Torres


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