More or Less One Day

For this show the choreographers based their work on a universal topic: couple relationships.

Más o Menos un Día


People, either we like it or not, want it or not, are always looking for relationships, verbal or physical, real or fantastic, platonic or carnal, sporadic or stable, heterosexual or homosexual...

For More or Less One Day – Twenty Years Are Nothing we decided to work with a universal topic: couple relationships, and how they govern people’s lives. We wanted to wander around different aspects of these relationships. We examined the fear and the rejection that the idea of sharing one’s life and one’s own liberty generates. We encountered situations in which joint agreement allows the couple to continue. We took a look at how couples are destroyed or rebuilt in accordance with the troubles that threaten these ethernal characters.

Since we knew that this is a difficult topic because of the many shades and colors it has, we decided to deal with it in depth starting at an autobiographic point of view and considering the effect that time has –this relentless judge–, and adding humor and complicity as allies for the reconstruction of relationships.

The piece lasts 55 minutes and includes the powerful scenography created by Kike Blanco – La Viuda (set designer for La Fura dels Baus), original music composed by Borja Ramos and costumes designed by Lidia Azzopardi.


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