My Body is... a Poem

The title is a play on words used as an introduction to this choreographic proposal that raises the human being and its primary resources -body, mind and imagination- to the leading roll.


Mi Cuerpo es un Poema


Life, Love and Body are the three elements that define the leading thread of the piece, just as the rhythm of verses insipre the choreography. The show evolves through eight chapters or episodes with a bohemian-urban atmosphere, in which diverse things coexist: strength and lyrism, technology and artcraftsmanship, everyday life and surrealism, intuition and reason, humor and drama. But above all, this piece reflects the undivisible couple ART / LIFE.

The texts, some times only sketches, are reafirmed through a powerful bodily, musical and rhythmical discharge in which the dancers use all of their instruments -movement, body and voice- to transport all of the poems' power, strength and expression onto the stage.


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