On the other side of my...

<< This exterior and interior concern (at the end that is exactly what journey means), is triggering doubts and hopes, farewells and encounters. That journey as a moment of suspension in which leave things behind you to find others ahead of you, where everybody knows how to live in their environment and yet has to readjust its parameters to match another. This is the real journey that opens minds and pores, which creates osmosis. It shows many things that you didn’t suspected: there are still realities and cultures of abysmal differences. That in spite of globalization we are able to keep our identity. That despite protectionism, we are able to agree. That poverty is decent and you have to accept it, that richness is worthy only for the rich people, because you could be poor, but the others make you miserable. That... >>

Al otro lado de mi…


The performance "On the other side of my..." takes advantage of the inconvenient of thousands of miles of land and sea that separates the three bodies involved in the project, working on the idea of the distance and researching about what it takes to plowed it, both from the practical point of view (journey) and the state of mind, as well as its relativity.


Artists: LARUMBE DANZA (Spain), ALETHEIA (Mexico), SILVINA SZPERLING (Argentina)
Stage Manager: Juan de Torres
Choreography: Daniela Merlo (LARUMBE DANZA’ s Choreographer) Barbara Alvarado and Ricardo Flores (ALETHEIA’s Choreographers)
Dancers: Barbara Alvarado, Juan de Torres, Daniela Merlo and Ricardo Flores
Music: Lali Puna, Craig Armstrong, Tiger Lillies, Steve Reich, among others.
Direction and Multimedia Advice: Silvina Sperling
Lighting Design: Lia Alves
Administration: Mamen Caceres
Promotion and Tour Manager: Lizbeth Perez
Production Manager: Juan de Torres


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