A sweet and enjoyable kaleidoscope kid size


REFLECTIONS is a poetic, delicate and exquisite piece for a great audience: children from kindergarten and preschool age.


Dance, rhythm, amazement, visual juggling, magic, play and tenderness melt together in this play which leaves space to illusion, intrigue and fantasy.



“REFLECTIONS” is created with the aim of proposing suggestions, not evidences. The play provokes an emotional impact in the audience resulting from the balanced relation between what is shown as merely aesthetic and the incidental messages of the story. Through a visual poetic language, we work on the ability to capture and translate images and movements introducing concepts such as direction and depth. We approach beyond the standard interaction between human beings and their environment through simple anecdotes from daily live represented in a recreational and absurd way making use of the peculiarity and eccentricity of the scene in which the action takes place. Hence, deduction, supposition and, over all, children individual creativity are stimulated.


The performance is a dance and visual effects play created from the interaction between two dancers and their reflections over a scene composed by seven high mirrors which are placed, moved and combined to create different play and action sets such as the KALEIDOSCOPE HUMAN SIZE.


The play is leaded by THE DANCER and her partner, THE HUMAN MIRROR. Her dance is determined by the mirrors arrangements and her movements reflected on them. She will find herself in extremely outrageous situations: split in six parts, fragmented, dislocated... Her partner will confuse and entertain the audience with his actions and set changes.


Original Idea, Choreography and Interpretation: Daniela Merlo
Stage Manager: Juan de Torres
Music: Chico Hugo and Jorge Cardoso
Manufacture of Scenography: Kike Rodríguez (Keywork)
Advice and Adaptation of the Scenography: Marc Bartolo
Lighting Design: Lia Alves
Costume Design: Daniela Merlo y Juan de Torres
Multimedia Design: Javier Gesto (Struendo)
Administration: Mamen Caceres
Management: Lizbeth Perez
Production Manager: Juan de Torres


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