"The course of events only makes sense if time remains unchanged direction, if the before and after it happens always and without exception. It is based on repetition, the winter will happen to the spring and then to summer, that will give way to autumn, in turn relieved by a new winter. And it goes again and again. But here we need both forms of time, direction and cycle. The rhythm picks circular time, so internalized, and thus can be merged with the arrow of time that draws on without stopping."

Octavio Paz “The Bow and the Lyre: The two Natures of Time”

SAIKURIKKU: Los ciclos según Larumbe


"Saikurikku" is a Japanese word, meaning "Cycle". The work raises a universe circular, cyclical and ritual, inspired by the beauty and meaning that the title suggests, and in the succession of the seasons, heat and cold.

The choreography has made by the own directors of the Company, Daniela Merlo and Juan de Torres, who, through a direction that takes the dancers to the most intuitive and authentic, looking to close the circle connecting the most ancient to the present more urban.


General Director and Choreographer: Juan de Torres

Artistic Direcctor and Choreographer: Daniela Merlo

Dancers: Antonio Rius / Cristian Lopez / Daniela Merlo / Irene Vazquez

Juan de Torres / Verónica Garzon / Belen Guijarro

Original Music: Mauricio Corretje

Other musics: Brian Eno (versión Yoshida Brothers) / Antonio Olias (Encuentros)

Borja Ramos / Eiichi Imata / J.S. Bach

Scenograpfhy and Costume Design: Juan  de Torres

Scenography and Costume Advice: Alejandro Andújar / Liza Bassi

Costume Manufacture: Lola Canales

Lighting Design: Lia Alves

Stagehand: Kike Rodríguez (Keywork)

Audiovisual: Javier Gesto (Struendo)

Photography: Alessandra Haro and Ivan Serrano

Graphic Design and Photography: Sonsoles Avalos

Promotion and Distribution: Lizbeth Perez

Administration: Mamen Caceres

Production Manager: Juan de Torres


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