The rapture of the goddess

Artistic installation that combines dance, poetry, photography and videoart

El rapto de la diosa


Inspired by the evocative poems of the autor Fernando Alonso Barahona, "EL RAPTO DE LA DIOSA (The rapture of the Goddess)” is an intense reflection about love and mutual acceptance between two beings, captured in the loving odyssey of a Goddess who abandons her divine attributes to experience the human life with an earthly lover, captivated by her infinite perfection.

The performance narrates the awakening of the Goddess, the powerful carnal encounter with her earthly lover, her escape of the unsustainable emotions that he provokes, the disappointing reunion due to the lost of her perfection and his lost of enthusiasm, and the final return to the Olympus.

A third character, the Poet, interacts as an emcee during the performance to guide actors and audience through a multidisciplinary installation with live art and performance, graphic art and video dance, in order to immerse the viewer from the entry into the carnal imaginary of the lovers, as well as to recreate the perfect blend of myth and reality, between the ephemeral and the tangible that comes from the verses.

The stage is conceived as an exhibition divided into three thematic areas: the Olympus, Nobodies’ Land and the Earth. Through the space, the viewer walks and his role evolves, first as a guest and visitor of a happening, then acquiring the role of protagonist interacting with the installation and performers, and finally as a spectator.

A powerful performance, open as to its adaptability to different formats; and alive, that evolves with the reactions of each audience, making each performance unique.


Stage Idea and Choreography: Daniela Merlo and Juan de Torres

Performers: Daniela Merlo (the Goddess) / Juan de Torres (the Lover)

Pepe Navío (the Poet)

Original Music and Sound Environment: Mauri Corretjé

Other Music: Various

Poems Fernando Alonso Barahona

Stage and Production Manager: Juan de Torres

Photography: Pedro Arnay

Videocreation: Jorge Barriuso

Lighting Design: Lia Alves

Costume Designer: Carmen Bofarull and Larumbe Danza

Grafic Design: Son Ávalos

Administration: Mamen Cáceres

Management: Lizbeth Pérez


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